English issue

The Lost History of Longboarding

long missed… now the Version in german Language is finally released as Hardcover. Even when eBook’s raising their attention in a growing Community – Skaters are different! Aren’t we? We like physical Sport and real Books, or is this just our impression while we get older and Technology is shifting.

Nethertheless “The Lost History of Longboarding” comes in 308 pages, illustrations and photos, closed size of 12.7*8.5″. You may admitt that’s not a paperback – much more one of those which work pretty well as Hardcover’s. Regarding all the cover needs we focused to reduce it to the maximum while we’d like to keep it close to spiritual-, art form of longboarding. As a result we found the edgy shape appearing on 25″ when the book is in use. Every reader is setting a Statement by opening the book only.

Longboard Buch Hardcover History

Now, since the Hardcover is released we can focus on the english translation. We’ll keep you noticed. The December Issue of 40inch Magazine featured this Project by a report. Book stores, Sport- & Skate-Retailers, Companies… ask for your special price Mail.

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